Bedrooms Photo Credit: Tracey Ayton

Designer DIY Project: Cheeky Handlebar “Taxidermy”

We picked the brains behind Vancouver design firm Oliver Simon.

Jamie Hamilton and Greer Nelson, founders of interior design firm Oliver Simon, are no strangers to displaying art in unusual ways.

They’ve mounted prints on repurposed corrugated metal, hung photos from vintage coat hangers…and even turned vintage bike handlebars into a sculptural, taxidermy-inspired feature wall, as they did for the downtown Vancouver bedroom pictured here.

Oliver Simon

It’s a playful display that looks right at home in cycle-happy Vancouver, and it’s one that’s easy to replicate if you’ve got a good eye (and, more importantly, a good drill).

The first step? Hit the used-bike shop—one where you can buy parts—and collect interesting, sculptural handlebars and seats (Nelson and Hamilton recommend parts that feel vintage and neutral in colour, like black or old leather).

Then, source appropriately sized wooden plaques from your local craft supply store and stain them
the colour of your choice.

Drill holes into the plaques and into the handlebar posts, both large enough to allow a heavy wire to be threaded through. (Make sure you secure the handlebars before you drill so they don’t roll, and “safety glasses for good measure wouldn’t hurt, either,” suggests Hamilton.)

Thread heavy wire to attach the seats beneath the handlebars—position them like a deer or moose head beneath handlebar “antlers”—and then wire firmly to the plaque backing.

Add a hanging mechanism on the back for wall display and show off your crafty creations.


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