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4 Savoury Sides for a Last-Minute Get-Together

If you’re planning a fun night in with games, good friends and a few bottles of wine, serve up one or more of these scrumptious sides.

Whether you’re looking to add a new go-to dish to a finely tuned repertoire of tasty party sides, or are tired of buying pre-made platters of veggies and dip, here are four different styles of appetizers you can whip up to feed (and impress) your friends.

1. The Veggie-Forward Option


Even if your guests aren’t vegetarian, they’re sure to enjoy this Pea and Fava Beans with Mint and Pecorino on Toast, which is a fresh alternative to the standard chips and salsa that would be welcome at any kind of grown-up dinner party.

2. The Fried-But-Still-Technically-Veg Dish


Don’t let the crispy crust fool you, this side totally counts as a vegetable. These Fried Green Tomatoes with Whipped Goat Cheese are a luxe take on the classic and the perfect savoury snack to nibble between heated battles of Friends Scene It.

3. The You-Made-An-Effort Nachos


We assure you, Dirty Chips—brought to us by way of the newly re-opening Vancouver Shark Club—are far fancier than they sound, with blue cheese, hot sauce and crème fraîche.

4. The Crowd-Pleaser


This recipe for Aussie-style Beef and Bacon Meat Pies was actually created by an Australian chef, and these were taste-tested by Western Living staff who can attest to their supreme deliciousness. If you’ve got the time (which is still only around 45 minutes max), these will make you the host or hostess with mostess, mate.


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