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7 Award-Winning Western Canadian Cheeses to Try Now

In the 2015 Canadian Cheese Grand-Prix, seven Western Canadian producers stood out.

The results from the Canadian Cheese Grand-Prix are in, and Western Canada made a decent showing this year, sweeping seven categories. (Albertans apparently know their gouda well.) Here are the winning cheeses, representing the best of local fare from BC and Alberta. Together, these would make for an epic cheese plate for your next party—see our tips for crafting the perfect cheese plate here—but we understand if you don’t want to share.

Best Soft Cheese with Bloomy Rind
Comox Brie, Natural Pastures Cheese Company, BC
Try it: drizzled with local honey

Best Fresh Pasta Filata
Cherry Bocconcini, Natural Pastures Cheese Company, BC
Try it: in a caprese salad with plenty of balsamic

Best Firm Cheese (except Cheddar and Gouda)
Heidi, The Farm House Natural Cheeses, BC
Try it: grated over a bowl of rigatoni and fresh tomato sauce

Best Brine-Ripened Cheese
Feta, Tiras Dairies, AB
Try it: tossed into a salad of mint and watermelon

Best Gouda (aged 1-6 months)
Gouda Medium, Sylvan Star Cheese, AB
Try it: grated into a frittata alongside asparagus and mushrooms

Best Aged Gouda
Gouda Aged, Sylvan Star Cheese, AB
Try it: in a sophisticated twist on macaroni and cheese

Best Smoked Cheese
Gouda Smoked Natural Cheese, Sylvan Star Cheese, AB
Try it: paired with a dry Chardonnay

Best Old Cheddar (aged from 9 months to a year)
Traditional Clothbound Cheddar, The Farm House Natural Cheeses, BC
Try it: in a golden old-fashioned grilled cheese sandwich (made with fresh, crusty bread, of course)

See the full list of the Cheese Grand-Prix champions (all 27 of them!) here.


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