Wine Photo Credit: Emiliana

If You Like Big Reds, This $30 Bottle of Wine is the Best Deal Out There

It’s not only a blockbuster of fruit and structure, but it’s cheaper here than almost anywhere else.

Thumbing through most wine publications these days you’d think that all anyone drinks is low-alcohol, high-acid natural wines.


The truth is that for the vast majority of wine aficionados the hallmark of a drool-worthy wine is a big red that delivers fruit, complexity and a deep garnet hue all within a smooth, long lasting package. The problem lies in the fact that wines that deliver all of these options have crept up significantly in price the last few years. Yes, we’re looking at you California cabernet. And you too, classified Bordeaux. For a while Chile seemed like the answer, but if you want a prestige bottling from producers like Montes, Concho y Toro or Errazuriz,  you’re looking at $100.

All of which makes this bottle from Emiliana such a find. Poured blind I feel like it would easily stand toe-to-toe with wines that are twice the price. And I also like that it’s not some Bordeaux knock-off—it’s actually syrah-based and then has a healthy dollop of Chile’s signature grape carménère as well as merlot, cabernet sauvignon and a small amount of mouvèdre, malbec and petit verdot. The result is a dense wine that’s undeniably rich but has enough of a skeleton of acid to keep the whole thing from becoming an exercise in excess.

And the best part is that, at $30, we’re getting a steal. The same bottle at the US discount giant Total Wine is $36USD. So, when only a heavyweight will do…

Emiliana Coyam 2014, $30


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