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How to Rescue That Hollandaise Sauce

Torafuku Chef Clement Chan is here to help.

Hollandaise sauce may take only five minutes to make, but in my experience it takes only seconds to screw up. If you’re not whisking fast enough, evenly enough or at the right temperature, things can get real curdly, real fast.

To save your breakfast bennies from such a fate, Torafuku Executive Chef Clement Chan shared a couple of his hollandaise-saving tips with us at a recent Whole Foods Market Brunch Better Boot Camp:


Keep the temp low.

While whisking egg yolks and lemon juice together in a bowl over a double boiler, Chan says you should make sure the water bath is simmering and not boiling. “You don’t want the eggs too hot, or it will scramble.”

Whisk so hard it looks like the hollandaise owes you money.

Whisking vigorously is a must—this will prevent eggs from scrambling.

How to save the hollandaise if it’s headed to Curdle Town despite all your best efforts? 

“If eggs are partially cooked, remove them from heat immediately and whisk in lukewarm water until the temperature of the hollandaise drops,” explains Chan.


Try Chef Clement Chan’s Sriracha Hollandaise Recipe

Now that you’re an expert, here’s the chef’s spicy Sriracha Hollandaise recipe to give your bennies that extra kick.

(Photo: Western Living.)
(Photo: Western Living.)

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