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National Caesar Day is May 17!

And sipping these West Coast- and Prairie-inspired cocktails is the perfect way to celebrate.

We’ll take any excuse to celebrate Western Canada—and National Caesar Day is no exception. So when we learned that Walter Crafe Caesar had come up with four new Canadiana recipes (one for each of our country’s distinct regions), we knew we had to share the ones nearest and dearest to our hearts. On May 17, whether you’re chilling on the West Coast or hanging out in the Prairies (or anywhere else for that matter), take a moment to celebrate our country’s fave cocktail with one of these refreshing caesars.

West Coast Caesar

This caesar is mixed with sake and gin and garnished with fresh, local seafood; soy sauce and rice wine vinegar further add to the Pacific-inspired flavour profile.

Prairie Caesar

Walter’s Prairie Caesar is a mix of all things country: Canadian whisky, beef stock and barbecue sauce; the honey-and-pepper rim gives it a nice sweet-and-spicy kick.

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