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Our Favourite Christmas Dinner Recipes

The perfect ham, gluten-free stuffing, even-better-than-scalloped potatoes: we’ve got you covered.

1. Holiday Ham Recipe


Turkey might be the classic, but ham is easier—and almost guaranteed to work out with Julie Van Rosendaal’s techniques.

2. Classic Roast Turkey Recipe


It’s a classic for a reason—people love it. The only question—to stuff, or not to stuff—remains answered by you, but we sit firmly in the don’t-stuff-it camp. It’ll be juicer (and tastier) stuffed with lemons and herbs.

3. Classic Bread and Sage Stuffing Recipe


This classic bread stuffing is delicious as-is, but it also makes a great canvas; experiment with sourdough or breads studded with dried fruit, or add crumbled bacon or toasted pecans.

4. Gluten-free Cranberry Walnut Stuffing Recipe


You won’t miss the gluten—and your celiac friends will love you for providing this tasty alternative.

5. Butternut Squash with Buckwheat Polenta and Tempura Lemon Recipe


For the vegetarians at the table, no one does it better than Yottam Ottolenghi—and this one is full of flavour.

6. Potato Galette with Garlicky Greens and Parmesan Recipe


This simple layered potato dish is like scalloped potatoes without all the cream—and you can make it on the stovetop if your oven is occupied.

7. Bagna Cauda with Winter Vegetables Recipe

Bagna Cauda

This traditional Italian dish for Christmas Eve literally translates into “hot bath” – an umami bath of anchovy, garlic and cream.

8.  Rice Pilaf with Cashews, Cranberries and Saffron Recipe

Rice Pilaf

This dish from Vikram and Meeru Vij adds a Christmasy hit of cranberry red to the table.

9. Roasted Beet and Squash Salad with Arugula and Candied Pecans Recipe

Beet Salad

The ultimate winter salad gets an added hit of sweetness from the candied pecans.

10. Butterscotch Walnut Pie Recipe


You can make a plum pudding for the old-schoolers, but this butterscotch walnut pie from Vancouver’s Butter Baked Goods is what will please the crowd.



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