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Photo Gallery: The Design of Vancouver’s Hottest New Restaurant

Designer Craig Stanghetta’s Osteria Savio Volpe brings a classic Italian osteria to the city’s east side, with a very modern update.

Back in 2013, we named designer Craig Stanghetta a Foodie of the Year for his ability to create a buzz-worthy restaurant just by his association with it, noting “a Stanghetta design is just about guaranteed to bring lineups on opening night.” He’s put paid to that reality with Savio Volpe, his first restaurant where he’s both designer and owner (with business partners Mark Perrier and Paul Grunberg). The latest Fraserhood boite saw full houses from its opening just a month ago, with locals clamouring for fresh handmade pastas (the ravioli with greens, ricotta and crisped sage is revelatory), wood-fired meats (smokey grilled squid, rosemary and lemon chicken) and rustic Italian dishes like bagna cauda, and cannellini beans with sage.

Click on the slideshow below for a peek into Savio Volpe:

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