Entertaining Photo Credit: Julie Van Rosendaal

Why We Still Love the Christmas Morning Wife Saver

The kitschy title hearkens back to another time—but it’s still pretty tasty come December 25.

Our contributing editor, Julie Van Rosendaal, joined the team at Best of Bridge last year, and like most westerners, grew up with classics like Classy Chicken and come December 25, Christmas Morning Wifesaver.

She shared with us her thoughts on BoB’s most beloved holiday recipe:

Calgarians who lived here in the eighties will recall the recipe that made the Best of Bridge famous—nowadays the authors say it’s more aptly called “Christmas Morning Domestic Partner Saver”—it’s a hefty, savoury sort of strata, made with day-old bread, bacon, cheddar and eggs. Casseroles aren’t just for dinner anymore.

Ready to make the big day a little easier? Head over to our WL Recipe Finder the night before, and you’ll be a bigger hit than Santa. (Or pretty close, anyway.)


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