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Trade Secrets: Sweet Seats

Use modular sofas to create dynamic, flexible seating options.

Gaile Guevara

What do you do when a room has more than one focal point? If you’re designer Gaile Guevara, you embrace them all. In this post-and-beam home, the fireplace, the view and the adjacent open-concept kitchen all demand attention, so Guevara arranged components of the Molteni&C Freestyle modular sofa collection in two 360-degree clusters to accommodate a variety of vantage points and uses. “We wanted an arrangement that was dynamic and flexible,” says Guevara. “When it’s just the three family members, they’ve all got their own lounging area, but it can also reconfigure for seasonal changes or entertaining groups. A home should always be adaptable to changing needs.”

Trade Secrets

Gaile Guevara



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