Bathrooms Photo Credit: Janis Nicolay

3 Tips for Designing a Beautiful Bathroom

Designer tips and tricks for turning your bathroom into the most beautiful room in the house.

kerri watson designed bathroom
Photo by Janis Nicolay.

Layer lighting. “It’s essential in a bathroom to have good lighting,” says designer Kerri Watson. In her bathroom, she layers multiple light sources: pots, sconces, a chandelier and even a small table lamp. See more of this elegant bathroom here.

Photo by Patricio del Rio.

Stash towels in a rolling bar cart. It’ll double as a place to rest a glass of wine during a long, leisurely soak, explain Trevor Ciona and Curtis Elmy of Saskatoon’s Atmosphere Interior Design. See the rest of this glam bathroom here.

modern bathroom design
Photo by Bruce Edward.

Think of the mirror as a backdrop to the room. Where an ornate frame is often a good place to add interest to a clean, modern room, sometimes simple packs the biggest punch. Here, a large, unframed mirror in this Ryan Scarff-designed Calgary bathroom reflects the glamorous light fixture and lets it take centre stage. See the rest of this modern bathroom here.


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