Bathrooms Photo Credit: Ceramo Tiles; Walter Barda Design; Howden Homes; The Tile People Ltd.; Vorbild Architecture (original photos on Houzz)

4 Ways to Incorporate Concrete in the Bathroom

From floors to countertops, there are myriad ways to add this cool industrial material to your master bath.

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No longer reserved for industrial or ultra-contemporary homes and additions, concrete is seducing more of us by the day and convincing us to put this hard-working material to use inside and outside the home. Kitchens have been showing off concrete in smart and sophisticated ways for some time, but bathrooms are quickly catching up—and it’s hard not to be impressed with the results. These inspiring bathrooms will help you decide how far to go with concrete: will you use just a little or a lot?

(Photo: Walter Barda Design, original photo on Houzz)

1. On the Countertop
A concrete vanity countertop is all a bathroom needs to rise to the top of the style stakes no matter what the design of your bathroom. This bathroom manages to mix traditional (the mirrors), with contemporary (vanity, faucets and flooring) and industrial (countertop), and does so with confidence. The takeaway? Don’t be a slave to a particular style.

(Photo: The Tile People Ltd, original photo on Houzz)
Texture can be added where you want it with the help of small-format tiles such as the Mosaico Rodano Acero tiles laid on the wall to the left in this bathroom. (Photo: Ceramo Tiles, original photo on Houzz.)

2. On the Walls
Just as wood-look tiles are becoming more popular, so are tiles that give you the look of concrete. They come pre-sealed and are as simple as other tiles to install. You can go for tiles with a raw, prefabricated effect or something smooth and contemporary.

8 Beautiful Home with Cool Concrete Floors

(Photo: Howden Homes, original photo on Houzz.)

3. On the Floor
If you have polished concrete floors in much of the rest of your house, extending the same material into your bathroom can make for a seamless effect. Concrete floors are easy to clean, and when there are no cabinets sitting on the floor, as in this bathroom, running a mop over it is a breeze.

(Photo: Vorbild Architecture, original photo on Houzz.)
This stylish bathroom also features a waterproof in-wall TV so you can watch a movie while you’re soaking in the tub. Does life get any better? (Photo: Vorbild Architecture, original photo on Houzz.)

4. With a Little Colour
If all this grey, white and wood has you thinking concrete isn’t really you, think again. There’s no need to limit yourself to this common palette if bright splashes of colour are more your thing.

Concrete wall tiles, three-quarters of an inch thick, give this bathroom its raw edge, but adjustable mood lighting can add colour or warmth for times when it feels stark or cold.

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