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5 Colourful DIY Ideas to Try Right Now

Tiffany Pratt gives us the scoop on five sweet-and-simple DIY projects that will have a stunning impact on your home.

“There are so many ways to DIY,” says HGTV star—and self-proclaimed rainbow-thrower—Tiffany Pratt. “It’s just a matter of discovering what you like, and then finding a way to make it happen.” Sounds easy enough…right? Pratt will be on the Main Stage at this week’s Winnipeg Home and Garden Show (April 5 to 8) to talk about how you can achieve bright, bold, colourful style at home. But for those of you who just can’t wait to get messy, we got her to share five of her fave DIY projects. And you know what? They all provide major improvements with minimal effort. Grab your paint brush and overalls!

Don’t think you can pull off a pattern? Try a bold swipe of paint instead.

1. Makeover Your Walls

The quickest way to refresh a room is by thinking inside ‘the box’ (a.k.a. your walls, floor and ceiling): a dynamic wallpaper or exciting coat of paint can drastically change the look and feel of a room—and become a centre for inspiration. Take a cue from Pratt, who recently hand-painted a multi-coloured design onto the walls of her front hall. “It’s so cute!” she exclaims. “And it took me no time.” You’re not limited to one colour or shape, so it’s time to get creative!

Chairs, lamps, nightstands—you name it, you can spray paint it.

2. Spray Paint Anything and Everything

Pratt has done DIY projects of all shapes and sizes, and she insists that a little spray paint can go a long way: “I believe that anyone of any age [and] any skill level can take an object in their house (big or small), spray paint it and transform it.” Small home accessories like lamps and side tables make more of a difference than you realize, and thus offer an easy way to refresh your space.

You don’t need a creative eye (or deep pockets!) to get the fine-art look at home.

3. Be Your Own Artist

“People don’t put beautiful art in their space because they they think it’s too expensive,” laments Pratt, but sometimes the solution is as easy as creating your own. Pick up a canvas and paint from your local craft store to create an original art piece that compliments the colour of your room: “It heeds beautiful results and has a great memory attached to it,” says Pratt. “Even if it’s abstract and you just throw a whole bunch of paint spatters on it.”

4. Change the Colour of Your Sofa

“You can change the colour of your pillows or your curtains—or anything, really—just by using plain old fabric dye and throwing it in your washing machine,” says Pratt. Simply find a white cotton slip-cover and shove it in the washing machine with some blue dye—you’ll have a beautiful sofa in the matter of an hour. Pro tip: Use a washing machine (opposed to wrinkling the fabric in a bucket of dyed water) to ensure the colour comes out evenly.

Pratt’s living room was already filled with colour, but that didn’t stop her from incorporating brightly hued window films.

5. Don’t Forget the Windows!

Pratt has injected colour into every inch of her home—including the windows. “I got custom transparent gels made on my printer and then stuck them to my windows so [they] look like stained glass,” she explains. It’s the perfect way to add some fun to a grid-style window or to get a little bit of extra privacy.

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