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5 Top Indoor Garden Buys

Spring is here with these plant decor ideas.

Whether you’re braving the snow in Saskatchewan, or soaking up the unusual sunlight in Vancouver, we’re all ready for warmer weather. Here are our top buys for bringing Spring gardening inside the home.

Larger Than Life (pictured above)
If you’ve got big ideas when it comes to indoor plants, Cava vases (from $375) by 18Karat come in sizes up to 77 inches tall in a variety of textures for a major statement.

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Let’s Hang Out With three pots attached by leather, the Wall Planter by Anthropologie (from $58) is a great solution to add greenery to a small space without creating clutter.

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Box It Up Not a plant connoisseur? The Boxcar Set ($100) by Mint Interiors fits low maintenance plants like small cacti for a fuss-free indoor garden.

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Vertical Growth Create the ultimate feature wall with the Grovert Frame Kit ($90) by Bright Green. Want to go bigger? Bright Green offers a wide range of shapes and sizes to compliment any room in the home or office.

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Artist’s Touch The bold Chiaroscuro Vases (from $60) by 18Karat feature a handcrafted look and are available in blue and black glass for a dramatic contrast to your delicate plants or flowers.


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