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A Design of Epic Proportions

California Closets transforms an entire room with one very large, multi-functional storage solution.

Dimitris and Nicole came to California Closets with a serious challenge. After living in their 1960’s era apartment for quite some time, they were ready to completely renovate their main living space. The goal was to create a wall unit that would synthesize their living room into one beautiful, convenient and organized place. In order to do this, the wall unit would have to be a book case, a media center and bar/buffet in one.

With budget and ideas ready, Dimitris and Nicole met with California Closets designer Emma Beaty to discuss their vision. Emma’s challenge was to create a unit that was large and multi-functional but would not overwhelm the room. Dimitris knew he wanted a clean, modern design and for the unit to be white so his books would pop on display. The rest was up to Emma.

After two consultations, the design was solidified, and the California Closets team was ready to get to work. Once installation day arrived, Dimitris and Nicole watched as their space was completely transformed in two days.

The stunning, 20-foot wall unit is a beautiful yet functional addition to Dimitris and Nicole’s living space. Emma created a balanced asymmetrical design through the reverse L-shaped cabinetry and differing cabinet depths to fulfill Dimitris’ request for a clean and modern look. Lighting was used for multiple key purposes in the unit; as a feature to draw the eye upward and make the room appear larger, and to add ambiance to the room through a dimmer switch. This modern and expansive wall unit is everything Dimitris and Nicole had hoped for as their once-fractured living space is now in one sleek and organized cohesive space.

California Closets brings functionality and order to any room in your home. Contact them today to make your design dreams a reality.


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