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Bahnuk Construction Shares its Secret for Easy Renovations

Bahnuk Construction minimizes surprises by providing absolute certainty in your home renovation.

“I’ve always believed that the only shortcut in life is to do it right the first time,” says owner and founder of Bahnuk Construction—Jim Bahnuk.

Think three times, measure twice, cut once.

These words represent the driving force behind Bahnuk’s success. Do it right the first time so that it won’t have to be done again. With 38 years of experience behind him, Bahnuk has developed a straightforward approach to renovations that is equal parts discipline and sincerity. Designing and renovating your home is an exciting, creative process that should leave you with wonderful memories and a great sense of personal achievement. That’s why Bahnuk uses a “fixed price” renovation model, in which everything from budget to materials to timelines are defined before a single construction worker crosses the threshold of your home.

A detailed pre-construction design process is the foundation upon which any great renovation is built. This means in-depth and transparent discussions with Bahnuk to ensure that you are fully informed on every decision you make.

With the thoughtful guidance of the Bahnuk team, you will feel confident in moving forward with construction. Planning a kitchen renovation? Expect questions like, “Who’s the cook? Do you like having others in the kitchen when you are cooking?” In this way, you will receive a kitchen fully customized to your needs, down to the smallest details.

It is Bahnuk Construction’s responsibility to harmonize your wants, needs, and expectations with the available budget. Whether it’s the perfectly veined marble countertop of your dreams or a unique layout for new cabinets, Bahnuk Construction will listen to every one of your design expectations and provide genuine feedback throughout its highly transparent renovation process.

Going above and beyond exceptional renovations, Bahnuk Construction offers their clients a profound level of commitment, trust, and respect.

Complete peace of mind – that’s what you’ll have when working with Bahnuk’s detailed and disciplined approach. The chance of surprises during construction are minimized, while your needs and expectations are perfectly met. Phone (604-432-7060) or email (info@bahnuk.comBahnuk Construction today to schedule a complimentary consultation.


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