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CKNW Host Lynda Steele’s Heritage Loft Renovation

An oasis in Yaletown by award-winning studio maison d’etre.

When she purchased a heritage loft in Yaletown, award-winning journalist and host of CKNW’s “The Lynda Steele Show,” Lynda Steele, loved its juxtaposition of brick walls, reclaimed-fir floors, and timber beams with modern glass walls and concrete, but she recognized that the 100-year-old warehouse which had been converted to condos, needed some updates.

Steele wanted to honour her home’s heritage, while creating a Zen-like oasis to unwind in. “My job is stressful and exciting,” she says. “I wanted a calm, relaxed space.” She chose maison d’etre to renovate the two-bedroom-plus-den loft, re-designing the interior and selecting furniture, fixtures, finishes, and final décor touches, transforming it into a one-bedroom, two-office condo, better suited to Steele’s lifestyle.

Although the space presented challenges, maison d’etre creatively resolved them to convert the loft into the tranquil space Steele wanted. “With so much brick, cement, and glass, there’s nowhere for wires, so installing lighting is tricky,” explains Steele, “but maison d’etre offered great solutions, even managing to install the fireplace I’d long been pining for—on a brick wall with no electrical outlets or gas line.” By adding drop-down ceilings and cabinetry to contain electrical wiring, maison d’etre was able to provide Steele with the lighting she feels greatly contributes to her home’s serenity.

“It’s a harmonious mesh of heritage and modern,” says Steele, “and when I get home after a busy day, I take a deep breath and feel peaceful in this space.” Post-renovation, Steele is completely satisfied with maison d’etre’s renovation, and there isn’t a thing she would now change in her home.

Design Details

• Fir floors refinished in grey-wash stain, accentuating exposed brick

• All new lighting: LED posts throughout create wall-wash and task lighting, and drywall drops between beams added to house living-room lighting.

• Kitchen: transformed from burgundy to white-and-grey theme.

• Master bedroom: curtains added over glass wall soften appearance and provide darkness; new walk-in closet.

• Bathrooms: floating cabinets, under-cabinet floor lighting, and touch-controlled, dimmable in-mirror lighting in all-new main bath; all new deck and fixtures in ensuite bath.


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