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Design by Hashtag: 12 Best #ScandiStyle Photos on Instagram

You already spend countless hours scrolling through social media—why not check out some Scandinavian-inspired design while you’re at it?

We’ve loved Scandinavian-inspired design for a long time now (just look at this Nordic-cool home from our December 2017 issue). And you know what? We’re going to keep on loving it. From entirely neutral, minimalist spaces to accessories that offer a quick hit of style and colour, there are countless ways to inject a little bit of the Nordic theme throughout your home, as evidenced by the beautiful photos tagged with #ScandiStyle on Instagram. Scroll through the pics below for a few of our favourite looks.

January survival tip: keep bringing the outside in, and eventually it will be spring.

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W o r k m o d e ☝?⭐️

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