Homes & Design Photo Credit: Jackie Brown

The Easy (Inexpensive!) DIY Artwork Trick We’re Obsessed With

Want to blow up a beloved photo without blowing your budget? Here’s our fave new designer trick.

Of course artwork is a wonderful investment: you’re enriching your life, you’re beautifying your home, you’re supporting the arts, and if you’ve got a good eye for young talent, you can flip that painting to make some serious cash one day.

But not every room needs a modern masterpiece. Sometimes, you’re just hunting for a big print to toss up above your headboard to balance out the room. And that’s where my favourite new art hack comes in.

While editing a recent story for Western Living Condo, I learned from homeowner Tina Wilson that you can print black-and-white photos at huge scales if you just treat them like blueprints. Hit up your local print shop, upload your favourite image—maybe it’s a family photo, or an artistic travel shot you love, or even a geometric or abstract pattern—and choose the blueprint or architectural print option (sometimes also called engineer prints), which will be printed large-scale on plotter printers. The resulting images have a kind of old-school photocopy look, but with the right source photo—the higher resolution, the better—that actually brings a certain charm.

Frame them in the traditional style (and you can really splash out, since you’ve saved so much on printing), mount with colourful Washi tape or copy Wilson’s scroll-style look here with a pair of dowels at top and bottom.

See more of Wilson’s design savvy in the Spring 2018 issue of Western Living Condo, or check out more inspiring small spaces right now.


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