Homes Photo Credit: Janis Nicolay

6 More Dogs Living in Modern Homes

We can’t get enough of these picture-perfect pups.

If there’s one thing we love more than a beautiful photo of a modern home, it’s a beautiful photo of a modern home with a dog in it. So we thought it was about time to dive back into the WL archives to find more photos featuring precious pups. 

Dog in living room peppered with yellow accents.
(Photo: Eric Scott.)

1. Walking on Sunshine

This Coal Harbour condo designed by Gaile Guevara Interior Design is chock-full of yellow accents. They warm up the space on rainy days so that this pup is always basking in the sun. Explore more living room looks.

Dog sitting in modern living room with high ceiling.
(Photo: Eyemeric Widling.)

2. New-Hound Heights

The double-height ceiling of this Calgary dream house designed by Rockwood Custom Homes features a detailed angle treatment; the magnificent overhead light pulls everyone’s focus—even the dog’s! See more of this elegant home.

Gus the dog in a modern living room.
(Photo: Janis Nicolay.)

3. Cozy Corner

This Scandinavian townhouse, designed by Chris Hill of Ritchie Construction, maximizes space on the main floor with an open-concept layout. And as evident from this photo, the living room still provides a cozy space for Gus the dog to lounge. Get a full tour of this home on the North Shore.

Dog in kitchen with black cabinets.
(Photo: Tracey Ayton.)

4. Modern Mutt

This pup is hanging in a kitchen designed by Mango Design Co. Homeowner Meika admits she had doubts about the black cabinets, but they now make up her favourite room in the house—the dog clearly likes them, too. Get a full tour of this century-old home.

(Photo: Ema Peter.)

5. Step Up

This modern home, designed by Heather Howat and David Battersby of BattersbyHowat, features a staircase without risers. The clean-cut, open space is the perfect spot for this dog to hang. See more of this concrete, steel and cedar home.

Dog curled up on dog bed in minimalist kitchen.
(Photo: Janis Nicolay.)

6. Pampered Pooch

Erin Ireland and Darren Yada have mastered the art of minimalist-yet-homey in their Mount Pleasant townhouse. The dog bed included in the kitchen truly brings the whole family together at mealtime. Get a full tour of Ireland’s townhouse.

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