Homes & Design Photo Credit: Behr

Look We Love: Multi-Colour Feature Wall

A few strips of painters tape and a palette of pink and peach, and you’ve got yourself a one-of-a-kind wall design.

I like to think of myself as one half of a modern couple, but when my husband and I put up a wallpaper on the back wall of our bedroom a few months back, we turned into sitcom stereotypes: he the grump, me the nag. He was deeply exasperated with the whole messy process—even with pre-pasted sheets, it was a sloppy operation start to finish—and I was laying on the pressure to get it done as quickly as possible. Not exactly the fun afternoon DIY project I had envisioned.

We’re really happy with how that wall turned out and we’re back to being disgustingly-in-love newlyweds, but maybe we could have saved ourselves the trouble if we had spotted this slick inspo photo—a demo from Behr of their new floral-inspired summer paint palette—earlier. The designer of this sunny space used a palette of soft pinks, pale peach and grey to create a bold feature wall…with no sloppy wallpaper or domestic disputes required. Just mark off the sections with painters tape (not applying until the coat beneath is dry, of course) and have at ‘er.

And if you get sick of the look next summer (I suppose it’s possible the geometric trend won’t hold ’til 2019), just paint over it with a coat or two of white and you’ve got a blank canvas to work with again.


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