Homes & Design Photo Credit: Circle Wellness Studios

One to Watch: Platform Architecture + Design

Architect Jesse Garlick shows how a little planning (and a big pre-fab project) can be a beautiful thing.

Photo: Evaan Kheraj

Jesse Garlick, principal of Platform Architecture and Design, isn’t crazy about the term ‘prefabrication.’ “I prefer ‘off-site construction,’” he says. With projects like the Sky House in Washington state and Vancouver’s Circle Wellness Studios, assembling elements off-site encouraged preparation and attention to detail, which are core values of the young Vancouver firm. “Good conversation often forms the basis for good work,” Garlick emphasizes, whether the project in question is a small-footprint residential home on an unusual lot or one of his collaborations with artists that allows freedom to experiment. At the end of the day, design is nothing without hard work—Garlick and his brother put together the laser-cut steel siding of the Sky House by hand. The result is a modern, self-sufficient home that complements its dramatic surroundings.

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