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Ones to Watch: RNDSQR

“We want every project to feel like it’s going to be here forever.”

For RNDSQR’s Alkarim and Majida Devani (co-founder and creative director, respectively), community, affordability and sustainability all start with design. The Calgary couple’s multi-use inner-city development projects are created with their own needs in mind: after realizing that a suburban single-family house simply wasn’t an option for most first-time homebuyers, the pair set out to make inner-city living more desirable for young families. Each of the multi-family buildings RNDSQR creates has an extra something special: a grand plaza for community gatherings, commercial spaces for small-business owners or even a bicycle or rooftop garden plot for each unit. The Devanis build with a legacy mindset, choosing neutral, earthy materials that will stand the test of time. “We want every project to feel like it’s going to be here forever,” says Alkarim.


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