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Ones to Watch: RNDSQR

These Calgary developers create multi-family projects with bespoke charm.

For RNDSQR’s Alkarim and Majida Devani (co-founder and creative director, respectively), community, affordability and sustainability all start with design. The Calgary couple’s multi-use inner-city development projects are created with their own needs in mind: after realizing that a suburban single-family house simply wasn’t an option for most first-time homebuyers, the pair set out to make inner-city living more desirable for young families. Each of the multi-family buildings RNDSQR creates has an extra something special: a grand plaza for community gatherings, commercial spaces for small-business owners or even a bicycle or rooftop garden plot for each unit. The Devanis build with a legacy mindset, choosing neutral, earthy materials that will stand the test of time. “We want every project to feel like it’s going to be here forever,” says Alkarim.

Alkarim (left) and Majida Devani with a model of their multi-family Grow residence.

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