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Paint: Summer Love

Keep that carefree warm-weather vibe going into fall with these beachy, organic colours and no-muss, no-fuss paints.


Easy Does It
One coat of Behr’s new Marquee interior paint and primer is all it takes—even when covering dark colours. Watch that summer lover of a paint colour, “Adonis” (a dreamy Aegean blue), do its thing with just one stroke.


Dead Sexy
For spots with high in-and-out summer traffic, use Cloverdale Paints’ new washable flat finish from its Ecologic line to hide small-surface imperfections with a dead-flat, designer finish.


Breathe Easy
Sherwin-Williams’s enhanced-formula Harmony
interior acrylic latex paint is not only zero-VOC itself, it also reduces VOCs from other sources, like insulation, carpet, furniture and fabrics—by up to 45 percent. It does its trick on organic odours, too—whether fried bacon or wet dog.

Inner Artist
Farrow & Ball has enlisted nine British designers to do over forgotten furniture with its Estate eggshell or full-gloss paint. We’re rather keen on Harris Elliot’s laser-cut cabinet, inspired by camo and Farrow and Ball’s leopard-print “Ocelot” wallpaper. Meow.


Easy Does It
Para Paints’ new FloorGuard hybrid porch and floor line lets you be both eco- and tough-minded—it’s a low-VOC yet high-traffic gloss enamel. Our picks will brighten any outdoor space: the airy, soft blue and endless-summer feel of “Blue Crush” or “Swim Trunks.”


Trim of a different colour
Paint has always been the easiest and most economical way to make a statement. But don’t hold back when you get to the millwork. “There is no hard-set rule that says your trim and moulding must be a shade of white,” says Nancy Bollefer, Canadian marketing manager at Behr. “Using a colour in place of a white can change the tonality of a space. Darker trim adds drama when set against a lighter hue on walls.” WL


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