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Made to be Discovered: The Inaugural Crafted Vancouver Will Reignite Your Love of Craft

Launching this month, Crafted Vancouver is a new kind of Craft Festival.

Renewed interest in the hand-made, crafted and unique is growing rapidly in response to today’s mass-produced, cookie-cutter world. To celebrate this shift, Crafted Vancouver is launching their inaugural festival showcasing the best in local, national and international professional craft. Spanning nearly the entire month of May, Crafted Vancouver will feature everything from tastings, demonstrations, talks, studio tours, workshops, presentations and more to not only highlight expert craft goods, but the those who make them and the impact their work has on the world around us.

“In a mass-market, disposable culture, there’s an opportunity to revive our appreciation for quality goods and reconnect with those who produce them.” says Carrie Ross, the festival’s Director. “Our aim is always to celebrate unique pieces in smaller quantities with greater meaning.”

One of the festival highlights will undoubtedly be Crafted Interiors: a five-day event designed to inspire and promote the use of beautiful handcrafted work and furniture as objects for everyday use in the home. From May 20-23, visit the Pipe Shop in North Vancouver to see skilled, handcrafted work first-hand, displayed in a series of beautiful vignettes. Special features include select pieces from recent and former Carter Wosk B.C Creative Achievement Award recipients and alumni from the world renowned Inside Passage School of Fine Cabinetmaking. Also, make sure you don’t miss the Crafted Interiors series of daily demonstrations and evening talks.

Crafted Vancouver’s theme of “Made to be Discovered” invites you to not only explore craft goods, but the places and spaces in which they are featured and the craftspeople who make them. “Crafted Vancouver will show our local community the value of craft and encourage them to actively become part of the process,” says festival Director, Carrie Ross. Learn more about how these objects go from conception to creation and how craft is found everywhere in our everyday lives.

By taking in all that Crafted Vancouver has to offer, you’ll be sure to discover the beautiful, highly-skilled and imaginative pieces you been looking for as well as the fascinating people and stories behind them.

Visit the Crafted Vancouver website for full schedule and details.


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