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These are Canada’s Most Liveable Neighbourhoods. Did Yours Make the Cut?

From walkability to affordable housing, here’s why Canadians can’t stop boasting about these neighbourhoods.

Canadians are proud of where they call home — specifically their unique neighbourhoods, many of which boast perks like gorgeous green spaces, high walkability scores, access to public transit and a good choice of schools. In fact, according to the 2019 RE/MAX Liveability Report, 89 percent of Canadians would recommend their neighbourhood to others.

“The things that make a neighbourhood feel like home can’t be captured by an algorithm,” says Elton Ash, Regional Executive Vice President, RE/MAX of Western Canada. “They’re the intangible things, like experiences and the emotions associated with them.”

With this in mind, RE/MAX asked the experts (the residents themselves) and came up with a list of the most liveable neighbourhoods in Canada. Did yours make the cut?


Not surprisingly, this West Coast oasis has some highly desirable places to call home—but its top-ranking neighbourhoods might surprise you. Main Street, Kerrisdale and the West End were the top contenders when it came to liveability factors like walkability, access to green space, shops, restaurants and proximity to public transit.

It’s also no surprise that Main was deemed Vancouver’s hidden gem, with its abundance of boutiques, trendy eateries and quintessentially West Coast microbreweries. If affordability is what you’re after in Vancouver, head southeast to Renfrew-Collingwood, where you’ll find easy access to the SkyTrain, as well as a swath of international restaurants along Kingsway.


Long known as the home of the Calgary Stampede and the centre of Canada’s oil industry, this western Canadian city has so much more to offer. It boasts the most sun of all the big cities in our home and native land, with over 2,300 hours of golden light per year. In addition to its rich supply of vitamin D-giving rays, it’s home to a remarkable dining scene and is only 80 kilometres from the epic Rocky Mountains.

If you’re looking for the best place to live in Cowtown, the top three neighbourhoods in terms of overall livability are Inglewood, Hillhurst and Charleswood. Want a hidden gem with a good supply of housing that’s ranked high in affordability and liveability? Check out North Haven Upper, Renfrew, Chinook and Meadowgate Park.


Divided by the mighty Saskatchewan river, this university town in the heart of the rolling prairies is more than meets the eye. Its surprisingly sophisticated dining scene has us wondering if local chefs are taking advantage of the long winter to hone their skills, and its idyllic homes on shady, tree-lined streets are nothing short of stunning. According to a RE/MAX Broker in Saskatoon, the top neighbourhoods are Nutana, Stonebridge and City Park.

As some of the city’s oldest neighbourhoods, Nutana and City Park are dotted with heritage homes, green spaces and quaint shops and cafés while also boasting unparalleled access to downtown and the University of Saskatchewan campus. Stonebridge is a newer addition to the city, complete with sleepy streets, convenient shopping centers and a strong connection to the rest of the city via Circle Drive.


Friendly Manitoba’s capital city has become something of an artists’ enclave over the years. Its converted warehouses are occupied by hip restaurants and shops, and its ample green spaces play host to concerts, exhibits and festivals.

In terms of liveability, the top neighbourhoods have been narrowed down to River Heights, West Kildonan and Bridgewater Lakes. If you’re seeking that “it factor,” look no further than Transcona, Winnipeg’s best-kept secret. This historic community is built around a commercial high street filled with local businesses, making it something of a pedestrian paradise.


The Six, the T-dot, the Big Smoke—whatever you call it, Toronto is clearly doing something right. After all, it’s Canada’s most populous city and definitely has no shortage of excellent schools, career prospects and access to major shops. From bustling Queen Street West to the hip Kensington Market, Toronto truly has something for everyone.

So where are the best areas in the city? If getting around is your top priority, look no further than the downtown core, south of Bloor Street. Want gorgeous green spaces? Midtown has options, including North Riverdale and Leaside. Want the exclusivity of Toronto’s hidden gem neighbourhood? With its affordable housing and excellent liveability factors, the Western Region of Scarborough is where you want to be.

Whether you’re looking for an up-and-coming neighbourhood or a quiet suburban community, it’s clear which areas are among Canada’s favourites—but be sure to look beyond just cost of living when you’re house-hunting.

“Though price might be what attracts buyers initially, liveability is what makes them stay,” says Christopher Alexander, Executive Vice President, RE/MAX of Ontario-Atlantic Canada. “Things like green space and access to amenities are what make so many Canadian neighbourhoods great places to live.”


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