Homes & Design Photo Credit: Ema Peter

Trade Secrets: That Modern Farmhouse Feel

Layer texture and colour for a contemporary look that’s warm and welcoming.

Trade Secrets

How do you imbue modern architecture with farmhouse style? You find a beautiful middle ground—or at least that’s what designer Gillian Segal did when she mixed rustic details with modern finishes in this renovated Vancouver Special. Man-made quartz counters and marble subway tiles add the character and luxury of natural stone, while the grain of the hardwood floor brings the texture and keeps things down to earth. Cooler tones (blue-grey cabinets and glossy white surfaces) play off warm accents like the brass faucet, gold light fixture and bronze table legs for a glam-but-unfussy mix. “The best way to get a contemporary look that feels warm is by layering texture and not sticking to one colour or metal type,” says Segal. “Don’t be scared to mix it up—it helps contribute to a more eclectic, lived-in look.”

trade secrets


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