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Designer Secret: How To Create A Unique Gallery Wall

Calgary designer Erica Cook shares her tips for creating a gallery wall that showcases your memories in style.

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Erica Cook
LOCATION Calgary, Alberta
THE LOOK Artsy Chic

Think outside the frame: mix in meaningful objects among your framed artwork for a gallery wall full of stories.
“I’ve always been a proponent of incorporating things that have meaning into people’s homes,” says Calgary designer Erica Cook. “You need to layer in things that have personal meaning so that the space has soul.” To create a gallery wall for her own living room, she mixed in sculptural objects—a faux horsehead to represent her family’s love of all things equestrian, an antique mailbag her son found on the playground—within her collection of neatly framed prints and original sketches. Though the variety of sizes and shapes could seem chaotic, a grounding colour palette (black and white, featuring a duo of refinished vintage chairs) showcases Cook’s memories in visual harmony.


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