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Which of These 3 Colour Trends Do You Like Best for 2017?

Are you going to channel comfort, confidence or composure with your 2017 look?

As 2016 nears its end, we’re looking ahead to a whole new year of self-expression through design. For the inside scoop on what we can expect to see in the year ahead, we turned to the colour experts at Behr for a preview of their 2017 colour currents. “Paint is more than just a colour, it is a method of communication,” says Erika Woelfel, VP of Colour at Behr. “Colour conveys emotion and allows people the freedom to express themselves and be who they really are.”

Read on to see how to learn how to cultivate an atmosphere of comfort, composure and confidence in your home.

Colour Trend: Comfortable


Bring soft tranquility to any room with these updated pastel tones. Use light natural hues to open up small spaces, and add a touch of cozy comfort with textural throws and rugs in mineral greys and pinks. Add a touch more energy with yellow and green decor, to tie the look together with effortless calm.

The Palette: Mineral greys, earthy gold, light blue, soft pinks and muted green.


Colour Trend: Confident


This palette is all about being bold and making an impact. Anchor saturated walls with dark grey trim and pops of bright white, then bring in accents of orange, spicy red, and citrusy yellow to add playful edge.

The Palette: Jade green, dark grey, bright orange, spicy red, dusky blue and citrusy yellow.



Colour Trend: Composed


Layer rich jewel tones with charcoal grey and deep magenta to create a look of composed intensity. Incorporate classic mid-century modern materials like marble and copper for a look that’s both timeless and contemporary.

The Palette:


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