Wine Photo Credit: Antinori

Buy a Chateau From a Wine Label!

And not just any Chateau—the historic Villa Antinori just outside of Florence.

Even the casual wine drinker is aware of the noble Antinori family of Tuscany: makers of famed Super Tuscan Tignanello, Solaia, Peppoli Chianti and of course the pocketbook friendly classic, Villa Antinori.


What you may not know is that, Villa Antinori is an actual place, just five kilometres outside Florence. And the drawing on the label? Pretty accurate.


What’s better is that the place is for sale (the Antinori family, who are a looooong way from being hard up for cash, sold the place decades ago). It comes with a chapel—use as a guest house at you own everlasting peril—a tennis court and a main house that’s pushing 30,150 square feet! These’s also a “keeper’s” lodge at 1,100 square feet and a whole mess of outbuildings.


That includes five grand halls, because four would be ridiculous.


It’s set on 27 hectares, which is 67 acres…five kilometres from Florence!

And you’ll never guess whose husband used to live here.


All of which makes the asking price of 20,000,000 Euros seem like a bit of a bargain, no? See the full listing here.


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