The Mean Green Hangover Cure

Despite its Hulky colour, this dark green juice hangover cure from Merina Koly (a chef and proponent the raw food movement) tastes far better than you’d expect.

  • By Merina Koly
  • January 9, 2016
Image Author: Julia Dilworth
  • Yield:  Serves 1


*Organic produce recommended

half a cucumber

2-3 stalks of celery

small handful of black kale (dino kale)

half a peeled lemon

ginger to taste, start off with a thumb-sized piece

half an apple or use cut-up pineapple

small handful of Italian parsley


For this hangover cure, all you need to do is juice all ingredients with your juicer and enjoy!

To add a superfood boost, mix this juice in a blender or shaker with a cup of Tri-Pow (this is Merina’s recommended blend of Spirulina/Chlorella) or Alka-Force by Actumus, which is made of the fibre and super foods of different grasses including wheatgrass.

*Note: This recipe will yield a darker, more liquified drink than pictured.

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