Oeufs en Cocotte with Prosciutto

Up your brunch game with this Oeufs en Cocotte recipe (eggs that have been baked in a flat-bottomed dish) from Edmonton Cooks: Signature Recipes From the City’s Best Chefs, by Tina Faiz and Leanne Brown.

  • By Edmonton Cooks
  • September 23, 2016
Image Author: Edmonton Cooks


    4 slices prosciutto

    ¼ cup butter, room temperature

    ½ cup grated Gruyère

    ½ cup grated Parmigiano Reggiano

    ¼ cup finely chopped chives

    12 eggs

    ½ cup whipping (35%) cream

    Salt and freshly ground pepper

    2 tbsp bread crumbs

    1 small wheel (5.2 oz) Boursin cheese, (shallot and chive flavour)

    1 cup chopped garden herbs (e.g., tarragon, parsley, chervil, basil)


    Preheat the oven to 395 F.

    Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and arrange prosciutto slices on the sheet so that they aren’t touching. Lay another sheet of parchment over the slices and then place another baking sheet on top. (This will weigh the prosciutto down so that it stays flat as it crisps up.)

    Bake for 12 minutes or until prosciutto is mahogany coloured and crisp. Remove prosciutto from tray and place onto a paper towel to drain excess grease. Set aside.

    Reduce oven to 350 F.

    Bring a medium pot of water to a simmer (or heat water in a kettle).

    Evenly coat each of 4 large ramekins with a quarter of the butter. Sprinkle about 1 tbsp each of Gruyère and Parmigiano Reggiano and 1 ½ tsp of chives into each ramekin. Crack 3 eggs into each ramekin and then add 2 tbsp cream to each. Sprinkle with a pinch of salt and pepper and stir the mixture slightly, but do not break yolks. Top each ramekin with remaining Gruyère, Parmigiano Reggiano, and chives.

    Place ramekins in a high-sided baking dish and fill dish with enough hot water (from the pot or kettle) to come halfway up the sides of the ramekins (a bain marie).

    Gently place the baking dish on the middle rack of the oven and bake for 18 minutes or until egg yolks are cooked to your preference.

    Place a crisp piece of prosciutto on top of each ramekin. Top with bread crumbs, crumbled Boursin, and herbs.

    Finish with freshly ground black pepper.

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