Gluten-Free Coconut Cream Pie

Pikanik‘s Joanna Schultz shares her pitch-perfect recipe for gluten-, wheat- and nut-free coconut cream pie (just in time for spring).

  • By Joanna Schultz, Pikanik Bakery
  • April 25, 2017
Image Author: Krista Belegris
  • Yield: Two 8-inch pie crusts; filling for one pie



350 g Pikanik all-purpose flour

125 g sweet rice flour

210 g cold vegan margarine

4 g xanthan gum

6 g salt

10 g sugar



2 cups coconut cream

3 egg yolks

1 tsp agar agar

1 tbsp Vanilla

¼ cup sugar


To make the pastry:

Mix dry ingredients in a small mixing bowl of your stand mixer fitted with a paddle attachment. Add chunks of margarine until a loose crumbly texture. Add cold water slowly just until the dough comes together (you may not use all of it). Roll half of the dough between sheets of plastic wrap (the plastic wrap keeps it from sticking to your counter and to your rolling pin).* Once rolled place in an 8” pie pan, crimping the edges.

Bake at 350 degrees, 10-12 minutes.

*Remaining dough can be refrigerated and used later for another pie or quiche.

To make the filling:

Heat coconut cream on medium heat until simmering. Whisk together sugar and agar agar in a small bowl. Whisk eggs into the sugar mixture until a smooth paste forms. Slowly temper in hot coconut cream. Return mixture to medium heat and stir consistently using a spatula until the filling is thickened. Pour mixture into the prepared pie shell, allow to cool fully before slicing. Top with toasted coconut or chocolate shavings as desired.

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