Scotty the Father (Scotch, Chocolate and Champagne Cocktail)

This Father’s Day cocktail recipe is inspired by the use of Glenmorangie scotch, a highland spirit that is strong, big and bold in flavour—reflecting the strength of our fathers.

  • By Philipp Karatsyupa, Ancora
  • June 14, 2017


    1.5 oz Glenmorangie 10

    1.5 oz cabernet-sauvignon syrup (1:3)

    3 oz champagne

    1 dash Ms. Betters chocolate bitters

    1 dash Ms. Betters aromatic bitters

    Crushed Peruvian peppers (Sweety Drops) and sugar


    1. In a mixing glass, combine all ingredients except champagne over ice and stir to preferred dilution.

    2. Pour into champagne flute rimmed with crushed Peruvian peppers and sugar, top up with bubbles.

    3. Garnish with two Maraschino cherries, skewered on a cocktail pick.

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