West Coast Caesar

This caesar is mixed with sake and gin and garnished with fresh, local seafood; soy sauce and rice wine vinegar further add to the Pacific-inspired flavour profile.

  • By Walter Craft Caesar
  • May 14, 2018


    .05 oz sake

    .05 oz gin

    4 oz Walter Craft Caesar Mix (mild)

    ½ bar spoon Sriracha

    Dash soy sauce

    Dash rice wine vinegar

    Squeeze fresh lime


    Lime juice

    Walter Craft Caesar Rim


    Seasonal B.C. seafood (e.g. prawn, crab leg)




    Rim glass with lime juice and Walter Craft Caesar Rim and then fill glass with ice. Add spirits from your favourite local producers, Walter Craft Caesar mix, remaining ingredients, and stir gently. Garnish with seasonal B.C. seafood, nori, lime wedge.

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