Cubano Sandwich

One of our favourite simple bites off the new Havana Vancouver menu, the Cubano, benefits from the note-perfect ratio of meat to zippy mustard and dill pickle.

  • By Executive Chef Reuben Major, Havana Vancouver
  • July 30, 2018
Image Author: Sweet Pea Photography
  • Yield: 1


1 Cuban Bun

2 tbsp whipped butter (split)

1 tbsp yellow mustard (split)

2 slices gruyère cheese

2 slices emmental cheese

2 oz porchetta (sliced thin)

1.5 oz honey ham (sliced thin)

2 – 3 slices of dill pickles


Cut your Cuban bun in half and spread yellow mustard on both sides.

On each side, place a slice of gruyère and emmental cheese.

On the bottom side of the sandwich, place porchetta and honey ham.

Place dill pickles over ham.

Close the sandwich and spread both sides of the exterior generously with whipped butter.

Heat a cast iron (or frying pan) and place the sandwich into the hot pan. Place something heavy (perhaps a second cast iron pan) over the sandwich to “press” it.

Once the bottom side of the sandwich is crisp and a light golden brown colour, flip and do the same until the insides of the sandwich are hot and the cheese begins to melt.

Cut in half on an angle and enjoy!

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