Plumdog Millionaire Cocktail

Cheers to this unique cocktail recipe from Harry Dosanj.

  • By Harry Dosanj.
  • October 3, 2018
Image Author: Evaan Kheraj


    1½ oz Havana 7-year rum

    ½ oz port (Black Sage’s Pipe is a local option)

    ¾ oz plum chai spice syrup
    (recipe follows)

    ¾ oz lime juice

    ¼ oz organic, fair-trade Assam tea

    ¾ oz free-range egg white

    Fresh lime, for peeling 


    In a cocktail shaker, add Havana rum, port, plum syrup, lime juice, tea and egg white.
    Dry-shake until all are combined and you have created a foam. Open shaker and add enough ice to fill. Shake for 10 seconds until shaker is ice cold.

    Strain into a coupe glass without ice and express a lime peel over top of drink.

    Plum Chai Spice Syrup: In a pot, combine 7 oz water, 7 oz white sugar, 1 oz of chai spices and four plums, sliced. Simmer mixture for 10 to 15 minutes without boiling. Let mixture cool for 2 hours, then strain into a clean, labelled container. Syrup will keep for about 3 weeks in the refrigerator.

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