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Georgia Spicy Margarita

To celebrate the margarita’s 80th anniversary, the bartenders at Prohibition have introduced Margarita Thursdays—and crafted three brand...


Apple Cucumber Juice

If drinking lettuce isn’t really your thing, this is the juice you’ll want to try...

Quick and Easy

Kale Spinach Juice

Fresh pineapple lends a touch of sweetness to this otherwise leafy green mix from Hurom.


Garden of Qarth (Green Juice Cocktail)

There are slow-drink, “plant-forward” cocktails and then there’s Grant Sceney’s Garden of Qarth. The blanching,...


Royal Caboose (Après-Ski Cocktail)

The St-Germain folks recommend stirring over ice and straining into a chilled coupe glass. But...


Hot Toddy

This warm, spiced drink is usually served with whisky—but here, Bacardi‘s Gold rum adds a...


Mulled Wine

Foodie of the Year and chef JP Pedhirney of Calgary’s Bridgette Bar shares his spin...


My Dress Hangs There (Spicy Gin-and-Lemon Cocktail)

For this year’s #CrateCocktails event, Native Tongues‘ Dylan Macleod shared his recipe for a sweet-and-spicy...


Chasing Summer Cocktail

Proof YYC‘s Ian Storcer hangs onto summer with a mix of gin, Grand Marnier, Aperol...


Lindsay Park (Sparkling Chardonnay Cocktail)

Model Milk‘s Zakk MacDonald mixes two types of brandy with cinnamon syrup, chartreuse and sparkling...


The Four Horsemen (Bourbon and Apricot Cocktail)

Bourbon meets averna, apricot and bitters in this cocktail by Jay Jones of the Vij’s...


Bonsai (Gin, Sake and Grapefruit Cocktail)

Grant Sceney, creative beverage director at the Fairmont Pacific Rim updates the classic gin gimlet...


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