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Prosciutto Wrapped Garlic Scapes

Interior designer and Purity Farms co-owner Sydney Carlaw swapped the asparagus in her brother-in-law’s recipe...

Quick and Easy

Ginger Chili Sour-Cherry Chutney

This sweet and spicy chutney is a welcome addition to any charcuterie platter.


Cottage Pie Croquettes with Guinness Cheddar Dip

Railtown Cafe‘s Chef Tyler Day turns a classic Irish pub dish into a hearty, bite-size...


Korean Nachos with Kimchi and Bulgogi Beef

Julie Van Rosendaal shows us how to make Korean-style nachos with kimchi, bulgogi beef (paper-thin...

Quick and Easy

Baked Brie with Rosemary-Walnut-Marmalade Praline

Everyone loves a gooey baked brie. This topping is easy but spectacular—and simple to prepare...


British Flapjack Cookies

This isn’t a fancy cookie, but it’s one of my favourites. It’s a bar cookie...

Quick and Easy

Homemade Butter Crackers

Everyone makes cookies—why not crackers? A fresh batch, warm from the oven, is irresistible—especially if...


Earls Potato Skins

Taking a page out of Earl’s cookbook for what may be the most Western Canadian...


Baked Camembert with Winter Citrus, Black Pepper and Local Honeycomb

It doesn’t get more simple than baked cheese, but here it’s elevated by just a...

Quick and Easy

Spicy Chicken Stack

Angie Quaale shares her quick and easy Spicy Chicken Stack recipe that promises to be...


Kohlrabi and Pork Shoulder Taco

Royal Dinette‘s Jack Chen shares his mouthwatering Kohlrabi and Pork Shoulder Taco recipe—a perfect dish...

Quick and Easy

Oven Fries

New fingerling potatoes make for the very best wedge fries—and making them couldn’t be simpler....


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