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Seared Tofu with Greens and Crispy Chickpeas

Mild tofu takes on flavours well, so tossing it with chili powder and cumin, a...


Roasted Eggplant with Lentils, Goat Cheese and Romesco

Eggplant is delicious with the added smokiness a hot oven or grill imparts; it can...


New-School Orzo Salad

Orzo salad travels well, and makes a great side or substantial lunch or dinner topped...


Toasted Sesame Arame and Carrot Kale Sauté

I created this recipe for a seaweed-hungry client who wanted all the health benefits of...


Spring Vegetable and Lentil Salad

Chef Rob Clarke’s spring salad combines roasted asparagus, radish, English peas and fiddleheads with wild...


Parmesan Potato Churros

Light, savoury potato and cheese churros make a tasty appetizer or snack. If you want...


Oyster Mushroom Po’boy

A vegan take on the southern classic that’s remarkably close to the original. The Arbor...

Quick and Easy

Portobello ‘Bacon’

Essential so you never have to buy weird processed substitutes again. And so good you’ll...


Mushroom and Spinach Stroganoff

This simple stroganoff is a crowd pleaser.


White Yams, Garlic Butter, Celery and Dukkah

Chef Jeremy Fox’s On Vegetables is a gorgeously designed love letter to all things leafy, green,...


Ginger-Miso Dressing

These ingredients can be poured and mix directly in a jar, then put in the...


Creamy Tahini Dressing

Use with: kale salads, grain and lentil bowls, roasted veggies, cold potatoes.


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