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10 Quirky Household Accessories

Check out these 10 statement-making showpieces to personalize your living space.

As iconic interior designer Dorothy Draper once said, “I’ll always put in one controversial item, it makes people talk.” Life should never be too serious and we suggest you let your home reflect that care-free, whimsical energy. Quirky household items instill personality and whether you’re a gnome fanatic or classic Andy Warhol appreciator, you should include these showpieces to broadcast your unique sense of style.

After our May issue featured the stunning Studio A Hands Stool in a Kevin Mitchell designed bathroom, it sent us down the quirk-inspired path. The idiosyncratic energy the piece adds to the space was all the catalyst we needed to feature more oddball, aspirational pieces for your homes.

We can’t think of a better piece to showcase the personality and eccentricity of the room without detracting from the modern, contemporary interior design.

Here are a few of our favourite accessories to get the conversation rolling:


Kartell’s Bourgie ($439) lamp is all about class (minus the revolution) and offers illumination alongside animated colours and contrasting geometric designs.

Horse in Wonderland

Eccentric-chic, the Horse in Wonderland ($120) candlestick from Nineteen Ten can take you on a new-world adventure but this time without the cake or cordial.

Gummy Night Light

Whether or not you’re scared of the dark (we won’t tell if you are), Walrus has you covered with the cuddly Gummy Night Light ($37) that  turns on with a tummy squeeze.

Nine Goldfish Clock

There’s plenty of fish in the sea but stand out from the rest with Anthropologie’s  Nine Goldfish Clock ($178), a statement making wall piece any time of the day.

Brave New World Lamp

Moooi’s Brave New World Lamp ($5,110 and $10,200) represents cutting-edge design (without Aldous Huxley’s revolutionary ideals).

Flying Carpet

Take off on an adventure with Nanimarquina’s  Flying Carpet (Carpets for $2,011 and $5, 751, wedges for $622 and $1,631), a comfortable and enterprising substitution for a couch or chaise.

Pendant Twisted Cord Set

Spunk up your space with lighting pieces like Nineteen Ten’s Pendant Twisted Cord Set ($40).


Add bright, energetic pieces like the New Antique Barstool ($460 and $490) from Moooi to show off your unpredictable and adventurous side.

Table Tiles

Boast your distinctive taste for home decor with these Table Tiles ($15) from Areaware, a conversation starter and creative game for friends and family.


The Wyzer ($99) wall clock from Leff Amsterdam exposes a careless and aspiration side where time doesn’t control your lifestyle.


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