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15 Geometric Looks We Love

Triangles and rectangles and hexagons all around.

Over the past year, geometry has become a whole lot cooler than it was back in high school math class. Here are our top picks for geometric pieces to put your space on the cutting edge.


VBookcaseRoomDivider1. V bookcase-room divider

Looking for something a little different to spruce up a space? Look no further than CB2’s V bookcase-room divider. With all those 90-degree angles, it’s bound to be the right choice. $1,199, CB2

2. Klotz navy sofa

Though the upper portion of this sofa may seem standard, its trigonometric base gives it acute angle. It’s able to liven up any living space some extra vertices. Price on request, Zientte

PyramidEtagere3. Pyramid étagère

This triangular shelf may be called a pyramid, but it’s a little more modern than the kind you’d find in Cairo. The various levels give ample opportunity to display all kinds of knickknacks, while integrating seamlessly with any look. $729.00, CB2


4. Lightweight suspended light by Foscarini

This mechanical-looking chandelier is about as modern as it gets. The wire skeleton form is best described as industrial-chic. Price on request, Inform Interiors

5. Tofino rug

This Tofino rug takes triangles and trapezoids and makes them trendy. The blue-to-beige colouring gives off a calming ocean vibe, reminiscent of its namesake. $600, EQ3

6. Assembly dressing table

Get out your protractors! This dressing table is the product of geometric mastery — you’d have to be obtuse not to love it. $150, EQ3


7. La Roux credenza

This gorgeous credenza displays a credence for symmetry. It’s posh, it’s polished and it’s polygonal. Price on request, Zientte


8. Diamond coffee table

Though it may not come from Tiffany or Cartier, this Diamond coffee table is sure to be your living room’s best friend. Just look at that brilliant cut! $810, Mint Interiors

9. Kaleidoscope bean bag

Comfy and colourful, this bean bag is ensured to make you feel like Lucy in the sky with various-sized triangles. It’s also the best seat to listen to Beatles songs on. $300,  EQ3CrushedLargeBowl

10. Crushed bowl large

Alway rooting for rhombuses? This bowl designed by internationally acclaimed architect Julien De Smedt from Copenhagen takes principals of big-scale computer modelling and applies them to a small object, maximizing its ergonomics. $150, Vancouver Special

11. Avoavo blue geometric pillow

You don’t need to be a mathematician to see that the linear chevron pattern on this pillow gives it a limitless aesthetic value. It’s able to unify busier looks and stand out in minimalist spaces. $375, Litchfield



12. POV wall candleholder in copper

Hello hexagon! This copper candle holder is where geometry intersects with style. It looks chic no matter where you put it. $65.00, Vancouver Special




13. Gilded file holder

These shiny triangles are perfect enough to make Pythagoras proud. Not to mention that it keeps all those files within their own tangent. $30, CB2


14. Folded vase in carbon

This ceramic vase by designer Amanda Betz looks good with or without flowers. Its “folded” shape makes it an extra modern, pointed piece. $133, Vancouver Special

15. Pendant scarf holder, $19.99 — Room In Order

Having trouble calculating the surface area your scarves take up? Divide them up  and keep them tidy with this copper trilateral scarf holder.

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