Furniture Photo Credit: Western Living

6 Hibernation-Worthy Sofas

Whether sleek or soft, these sofas are the best place to hibernate as the cooler weather sets in.

With plush fabrics and custom features (Extra cushions, anyone?), these sofas are as comfortable as they are stylish.

Designer’s Pick by Ami McKay

Ami McKay is the Vancouver-based founder of Pure Design and a finalist in Western Living‘s Designer’s of the Year 2015 competition.

Portrait by Janis Nicolay

“I love the versatility and timeless style of the Harris sofa. This is a sofa you could reupholster many times and it would still be considered effortlessly stylish in 50 years. Montauk also uses sustainable materials in the production of their furniture, and I’m always excited to support a company that shares similar values as my company, Pure.”

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