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7 Edgy Designs Taking Florals to the Next Level

Florals are dreamy, especially in the spring, but we know they sometimes get a bad rap. Presenting a few floral accessories that don’t meet your traditional, grandma-sofa-print idea of florals.

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1. Lavender Vases

Available in an array of sizes to suit your room’s needs, these delicate, porcelain, matte vases were handcrafted to complete their air of gracefulness. 18 Karat Store, $142

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2. Capiz Flower Pendant

Handcrafted in the Philippines and made to resemble blossoms, this framed flower pendant epitomizes elegance. West Elm, starting at $200

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3. Dahlia Pillar Tea-Light Candle Holder

For an added gold accent and a little combo of edge and beauty, this gorgeous tealight candleholder says it all. CB2, $27

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4. Dandelion Orbit Chandelier

Anthropologie‘s luxe, brass dandelion chandelier will give you the edgy, midcentury modern design makeover you’ve been after. Anthropologie, $1,698

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5. Dahlia Coaster

It’s no wonder we love Örling & Wu‘s vinyl coasters. Few accessories—aside from coasters of course—manage to make beauty so functional. Örling & Wu, $27

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6. MissPrint Fern Wallpaper

We know—floral wallpaper can be overdone. But ’80s pattern-on-pattern is kind of back, and a bold floral wallpaper paired with, say, more florals is just the look we’re going for. Twig Interiors, $187

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7. Trubridge Floral Pendant

David Trubridge’s bamboo-finished floral pendant (available in multiple colours) is sort of perfect for the ever-evolving look of the modern home. Better Living Through Design, $449


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