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A Sophisticated Update on the Stand-Alone Television

So we can binge watch our favourite shows in style.

Anicka’s Pick: Samsung Serif 40″ TV

When my parents finally gave up their vintage ’80s console TV, it took a good half-dozen people to move it to the curb. Though they’re both free-standing screens, their TV wasn’t nearly as pretty as EQ3’s update on the stand-alone television: the Samsung Serif ($1,119) is designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, and it features a fabric-covered back and attachable legs. And though it’s sturdy and stable on its angled base, it can be easily moved to the perfect spot to take in Claire Foy’s killer queenly accent in The Crown. Available at EQ3,


As I also said on FB, I like it but not just for the style; I hate TVs mounted above a fireplace. Who ever started that? It’s hard on a person’s neck to watch something up so high and makes no sense at all.


I’ve installed my 55” tv above the fireplace due to room size and layout. However I utilized a fully articulated wall mount that allows me to bring my screen out and down approximately 29” to eye level.
Problem solved.


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