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Folding Chairs You’ll Want to Use Daily

These chairs are convenient for handling extra guests—but stylish enough for every day use, too.

cool folding chairs

1. Upgraded
A redesign of one of Fermob’s best-sellers, the Dune premium folding chair ($189) is built stronger than ever and is meant to last a lifetime. Find them in 19 vibrant colours, like turquoise blue or chili red.

2. Vertical Thinking
If limited storage space is an issue, Calligaris’s Skip folding chairs (from $204) can be hung together on one wall hook when folded.


cool folding chairs western living magazine

3. Stand Out
The design-forward focus of the Kartell Dolly folding chair ($482) includes what most of its kind don’t—arm rests. Although the chairs fold and stack for efficient storage, you may just want to keep these out for show.

4. Light as Air
These sleek, colourful Magis Folding Air-Chairs ($214) are produced using an air-moulding technique, resulting in an extremely light yet durable design.

5. Queen Bee
The lightweight Kartell Honeycomb folding chair ($429) finds its design inspiration from the hive—the seat and back are covered in tiny hexagons—to make a sweet and stylish sitting spot.

6. Stackables
The lightweight plywood Osidea Hanna chairs ($295) perfectly stack on top of each other, making it easy to pull them out of the closet when needed.

cool folding chairs western living magazine

7. Boho Chic
Mix and match the patterns of the embroidered canvas Terai folding chairs ($228) around the table for maximum effect.

8. Room for More
The solid beech-wood Olivia chair by Calligaris (from $138) is a dream for storage-starved spaces: it folds up into a compact, 4-centimetre-wide package.


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