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The Cutest Camping Accessory

Could this be the solution to my aversion to winter camping?

In my early twenties, I did a two-week camping trip in Clayoquot Sound with five friends. I recall our menu planning left us a little short of food the last couple of days, and that my pack (which included canned food for the week) weighed about as much as I did, but that—despite us being in the rain most of the time—it was one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life, discomfort be damned.

Fast forward 20 years, and when I found out a coworker had just camped in -27C weather in Algonquin Park for the weekend, I was nothing short of horrified. How soft I’ve become! Creature comforts have taken the place of thrilling adventure. HOWEVER, I’ve just discovered a creature comfort that might make that thrilling adventure a little more, um, warming? MEC now stocks the sweetest pocket steel flask from Stanley, which could recall my younger, sturdier self to make my current which-Netflix-show-will-I-binge-watch-this-weekend self more adventure ready. Right?

Stanley Pocket Steel Flask, $18.50,



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