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Design Crush: Tacofino’s Gastown Taco Bar Oozes SoCal-Cool

Feast. Your. Eyes.

What started as a seasonal food truck tucked in the backend of a Tofino parking lot is now in the midst of a full-blown, multi-city taco takeover, with brick-and-mortar Tacofino locations successfully established in Vancouver (to the power of two) and Victoria.

If you’ve sampled their fish tacos, this should come as no surprise. In fact, Tacofino’s food truck patrons are always perfectly happy to eat the to-go fare standing up or on a nearby street step, so what surprised me was how much work was put into building their newish Gastown restaurant, Taco Bar, (when a roped off area of lawn chairs would surely do).

Bringing a powerful dose of sunshine to the gritty Vancouver heritage district was up to local designer, Shiloh Sukkau, who created a surfer-cool haunt inspired by Tofino, the Baja and SoCal, at 15 W Cordova St. When I paid Taco Bar a visit in December, I couldn’t get over the attractive graphic tile work, the army of Bend chairs, and beachy accents next to heritage brick—it’s easily one of my new favourite restaurants in terms of design (and food!) so I had to get a better look.

Photo Gallery: Inside the SoCal-Cool Tacofino Taco Bar:

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