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Trend Alert: Travel-Inspired Decor

Get inspired for your next globetrotting adventure with these five travel-inspired home decor items.

Summer vacation is just around the corner, and if you’re starting to feel impatient, you’re not alone.Who can resist the thought of jet-setting to unknown locations or returning to favourite hideaways for a much-deserved break? To tide you over until it’s time to dig out your suitcase, we’ve compiled a list of travel-inspired decor that will have you reaching for your passport in anticipation.

Map wall decal

Map Wall decal

For many, the thought of going globetrotting this summer has some serious appeal. If that’s the case for you, a map wall decal like this one from Pottery Barn is an easy way to map out your future destinations—not to mention creating an eye-catching accent wall in your home. $129, Pottery Barn,

Prairie tables

Prairie Tables

Sometimes the best getaways are the ones that are right in our own backyard—just ask anyone who’s traveled across Western Canada. This trio of white lacquered wood tables from Gus Modern exemplify that prairie spirit perfectly, with one to represent the shape of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. You can also catch a glimpse of these angular tables in Western Living’s May Shop Talk column. $650, Gus Modern,

Chalkboard globe

Chalkboard Globe
We’ve all seen the classic globe stand re-imagined before, but this chalkboard version from Pottery Barn puts a new spin on things. Use it to map out future travel destinations or to simply test your knowledge of basic geography. Either way, this globe will bring a worldly touch to any desk it sits on. $91.99, Pottery Barn,

YVR pillow cover

YVR pillow cover

Long relegated to social media hash tags and airplane boarding passes, the YVR airport code takes on a much more fashionable look in the form of this pillow cover. Vancouver is one of only two Canadian cities represented in this pillow collection, and the punchy red, black and white colour scheme makes it a must have for any travel aficionado. $24.90, Airportag,

Corkboard map

Corkboard map

More for after your trip than before, this simple corkboard map from Anthropologie doubles as both a travel diary and wall decor. Punctuate each adventure you go on this summer by sticking a tack into this continent-shaped corkboard, which can adhere to any smooth surface in your home. $48, Anthropologie,


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