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Introducing the Miele W1T1 Washer and Dryer Series

Perfect laundry has never been so convenient.

On May 4th, Miele introduced its new premium washer and dryer series, W1T1, to the Canadian market. Since 1889, Miele German-engineered appliances have earned a reputation for quality and reliability. Like all Miele appliances, the W1T1 is tested to last the equivalent of 20 years of use through the company’s German factory, where the W1T1 and all of its components are also manufactured.

Miele is also a brand known for its commitment to sustainability. That’s why the W1 washer and T1 dryer are rated ENERGY STAR Top Performers. With the use of heat-pump technology, which reuses the heat it generates, and EcoDry technology, which guarantees consistently short drying times and low energy consumption for the life of the machine, Miele has made a more efficient dryer. And because the T1 is ventless, compact, stackable, and uses a standard 120V plug, it can be installed virtually anywhere.

Meanwhile, the clever W1 washing machine senses the size of a load of wash, adds just the right amount of water and its TwinDos automatic two-phase detergent dispensing system releases the perfect measure of detergent at the ideal time during a cycle, saving water, detergent, and the time spent on guesswork and measuring.

It’s easy to properly care for all types of fabric with the W1T1 system, and the results are consistently—and impeccably—beautiful. The W1’s exclusive CapDosing system uses Miele-exclusive capsules especially formulated for cleaning specific fabrics, and it has a QuickIntenseWash cycle that gets any kind of laundry pristine-clean in less than an hour. The T1’s patented honeycomb drum has smooth, small holes that won’t snag even the most delicate fabrics. Using the T1’s SteamFinish program reduces the need for ironing and might just do away with the need for ironing altogether.

For more information on the Miele W1T1 washer and dryer, visit miele.ca, a Miele Experience Centre, or an authorized Miele retailer near you.


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